International catalogue of contemporary art

2020-2021 edition

Europa in Arte is the only contemporary art catalogue entirely written in five languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.
It is released every two years and is distributed throughout Europe.

Important acknowledgements
The volume, which received important awards, is published every two years with each of its editions marking a constant growth.
The artists
The artists
Europa in Arte devotes ample space to selected artists – painters, sculptors, photographers, engravers – from all Europe.
Dissemination and promotion
Dissemination and promotion
Thanks to its exclusive graphic design, it has been an important tool for the dissemination and promotion of art at an international level for many years.

Europa in Arte – Presentation


he idea of creating a contemporary art catalogue called “Europa in Arte” dates back to the early 90s, stemming out of a European coordinated communication project aimed at promoting the work of many young sculptors and graphic designers – the genuine witnesses of the great changes Europe was beginning to experience – to make their technical experience and vanguard techniques known outside of our national boundaries

It was meant to be a single edition, one book in five languages, whose 200 or 300 pages should contain the profile of some tens of artists – not only Italian – to be distributed in all European countries.

Then the idea evolved: after the first edition, released in 1996 following years of study and debate, our courage was fueled by the numberless responses we received from Art Galleries, critics and collectionists from all over Europe who expressed their appreciation with congratulations and criticisms, the same that allowed us to improve the graphics and the contents of the next editions. The result was a series of volumes; every two years we have the pleasure to release a new edition that we can distribute in the four cardinal directions of the European Community: our target are trade professionals or just art lovers, whom we often met during some of the exhibitions we organized in prestigious venues in London, Paris, Madrid, Milan or Frankfurt.

For those who go through its pages, Europa in Arte is a polythematic, eterogeneous collection of contemporary art’s latest trends. A subtle fascination catches the interest of the curious reader who is bewitched, page after page, by a collection of art proposals marked by different styles and sensitivities, just like we are, combined with style, respect and our know-how of graphics, as everyone will notice, with an eye for top quality while highlighting the thematic and stylistic peculiarities of each artist.

Appearing in Europa in Arte is the acknowledgment of an artist’s quality, in that being published means having passed a careful selection test. Moreover, publication is a great opportunity to get international visibility, which is given to a limited number of artists per each edition in such a huge public base as our old Europe is.

In the pictures: some of our prestigious exhibition venues.