Platinum Collection stems out of the experience of each of its members, be they business partners or collaborators of any kind. Our roots are planted in such a distant past that we can guarantee competence and professionalism in a sector that is too often ill-treated by international economic circumstances, inadequate laws and, sometimes, the scarce preparation of some ruthless improvised individuals.
Our activity is divided into two main sectors, that are perfectly complementary: the publishing one, that conveys through paper each artist’s image and output, be it traditional in style and technique or more conceptual and vanguard, with the elegance and style that suit this sector best. The other area regards exhibitions, by which we bring to users the works of the artists that cooperate with us.
Since the beginning of our activity we chose to look at international markets, because we find more interest towards Italian artists in France or the UK, just as Spanish or German artists can find more interest for their work in our Italian art cities. It may seem just a commonplace, but an artist seeking his own space in culture and in the market will find it more easily in a country that is not his own, due to more objectivity and the absence of provincial prejudices that are still deep-rooted in this sector.

In the latest twenty years our experience has evolved, witnessing the unification of a Europe whose roots vary so much from country to country, from tradition to tradition, to the point that we have very common fears of economic, cultural or even climate dangers from North to South and from West to East.

Today, for sure, it is absurd for an artist to think that he can be successful in Rome or Milan without passing through London or Paris: people are increasingly on the move, as well as cultural interests, and Europe is becoming one huge public base.

Luciano Massarelli

Back in 1996, our catalogue in 5 languages looked like a useless exaggeration. Today we can safely say that it was only ahead of times, as well as our exhibitions in:

  • Madrid, Instituto Egipcio
  • Frankfurt, Galerie Raphael 12
  • London, Chocolate Factory
  • Paris, Espace Kiron
  • Milan, Palazzo del Senato
They are nothing but a necessary visibility and cultural dissemination tool in our search of new contemporary art markets.

Inauguration of an art exhibition in Brussels – Espace Moselle

Chatting pleasantly of art with Italian critic Vittorio Sgarbi